CymaSpace Project Proposal Form
This form is intended for artists or organization to submit proposals to CymaSpace for new projects to be considered by the Board of Directors.
What is your name?

What is your artist or organization name?

Do you have a website?

Briefly describe the project you are proposing.

What are the main components to your project?

Our mission is to make the performing arts more accessible and inclusive to Deaf and Hard of Hearing, briefly describe how your project supports these goals.

At CymaSpace we support the development of projects utilizing Cymatic technology (translating sound waves into visual and tactile phenomena), briefly describe how you might incorporate Cymatics, or translate your proposed experience into multiple senses.

What is the frequency of any public component of your project?

We typically host events on Sunday's and may not be able to guarantee availability on other days of the week. Please specify which date(s) you have in mind for the public component of your project.

Do you require a space for meeting, or to rehearse or work on your project? (Describe needs, including equipment and how often space is required).

Are there specific days/dates that you’re targeting for any meetings, workshops or rehearsals?

What is the expected minimum and maximum number of participants served?

What is your budget? How do you intend to fund your project?

Would you require concessions (beverages, alcohol, food or snacks)?

Do you require volunteers or any particular skillsets (audio/video engineers, general labor etc)?

Thank you for your interest in partnering with CymaSpace!We will contact you soon, regarding guidelines for the formal proposal process, and look forward to learning more about your project.
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